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Stainless Steel Re-Nu Thread Inserts 1/4-28 Int 3/8-24 Ext, Northwestern, Lot/20

Brand new, stainless steel Re-Nu Thread Repair Inserts. AMERICAN MADE! 20 pieces.Internal Thread: /4-2External Thread - 3/-24Length - 3/Please message us for quotes on larger quantities or bundles with our other products.An inexpensive threaded insert designed to be an easy method of repairing damaged threads.Re-Nu-Thread Inserts are used in magnesium, aluminum, cast iron, copper, masonite, plastics. For load bearing threads in any material.Re-Nu-Thread Inserts will not back out or vibrate loose. A nylon locking element in the external thread automatically locks the insert in place. Bolts and screws can be inserted and removed without insert movement.Stainless SteelType 303 Nylon Patch Locking ElementPartNo.InternalThreadExternalThreadLengthTap DrillSizeNet Lbs.Per 00290#4-40#0-32/32#2/42902#6-32#2-2/4#4/42903#-32/4-29/32#3/42904#0-24/6-24/6I/2290#0-32/6-24/6I/22906/4-203/-243/Q/2290/4-23/-243/Q/2290/6-/6-20/62/643/42909/6-24/6-20/62/643/42903/-6/2-20/3229/64293/-24/2-20/3229/64292/6-49/6-/3233/64-/4293/6-209/6-/3233/64-/4294/2-3/-9/323/64-3/429/2-20/-9/323/64-/2296/-3/4-6/6/62-/229/-3/4-6/6/62-/4

Stainless Lot/20 Northwestern, Ext, 3/8-24 Int 1/4-28 Inserts Thread Re-Nu Steel Externally Threaded Inserts

today, on the fourth day of deliberations for a high profile trial, a verdict was finally submitted for kyle rittenhouse :not guilty. rittenhouse sobbed as he listened to the jury verdicts all five counts and he appeared to close to collapsing as he attempted to sit down. social media and legal news outlets have been exploding with opinions on both sides as the most closely watched trial since derek chauvin finally came to a close.

the verdict, which cannot be appealed, was delivered by a jury of five men and seven women who spent more than 25 hours reviewing videos, photos, testimonies and other discovery submissions. a family spokesperson for the rittenhouse family stated that rittenhouse intends to go to college to study nursing. the families of the two men who were fatally shot by rittenhouse are free to engage in civil litigation via wrongful death suits.

according to cnn, following the acquittal, kenosha county assistant district attorney thomas binger, the lead prosecutor in this case, said in a statement that “while we are disappointed with the verdict, it must be respected.”

“judge schroeder gives you a fair trial as a defendant. you don’t want him to sentence your client. but in this case, we were looking for a fair trial and if we lost we knew what was going to happen… so i would rather have a fair trial.”  defense attorney mark richards

rittenhouse was charged with first degree intentional homicide, first degree reckless homicide, and first degree recklessly endangering safety – a total of five counts in all. for those wondering why rittenhouse wasn’t charged with a lesser crime, such as manslaughter, it is important to note that wisconsin state law is distinct from many other states in that it only offers a similar charge: second degree intentional murder.  this particular lesser charge involves self-defense; on social media, some have concluded this charge was not appealing to the prosecution as their stance was that this was not a self-defense case.



these are the charges kyle rittenhouse faces in kenosha shooting


kyle rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges


kyle rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges in kenosha shootings


Stainless Lot/20 Northwestern, Ext, 3/8-24 Int 1/4-28 Inserts Thread Re-Nu Steel Externally Threaded Inserts